new tips for a foot Massage abu dhabi

As the “second heart” of the human body, the foot is the body’s core part. Hot or wet is able to accurately reflect the health of human body. So, to protect the foot health well, and the foot is a good way to care. Pedicure includes two parts: the foot bath and foot massage. Below is the foot bath, massage with a foot massager.

Steps for foot massage

Before massage feet, washing feet about 20 minutes of steaming, let the pores at the foot, foot rub-up, parcels with hot towel, press the left foot first. The order is from foot inside, outside, then foot back, massage of time generally in 30 to 45 minutes.

What time do the foot massage?

Pedicure’s best choice to do before you go to sleep in the evening, is so conducive to sleep. Within 30 minutes before eating, after dinner is unfavorable for foot massage. Pedicure before meals can inhibit gastric secretion, adverse to the digestion, pedicure immediately after a meal can cause gastrointestinal blood volume reduction, affect the digestion. Within 30 minutes after the massage to drink a cup of warm boiled water, and it is helpful for the operation. Should not drink tea, wine or other drinks.

A foot massage

1, need to prepare before massage towel or bath towel a, petrolatum a small bottle, a massage stick. Massage to cut short nails before, in order to avoid scratch in patients with the skin. Should be in the selected place daub a few vaseline oil massage, to lubricate the skin, prevent the scratch.

2, with each end of the massage to make patients feel thirsty, to achieve after the massage to let patients drink warm boiled water about 500 ml to detoxify.

3, massage patients should wash feet with hot water first, then the whole body relax, emotional stability to lie on your back on the bed, double lower limbs should be straight.

4, foot has a sore furuncle, trauma, abscess, massage should avoid diseases. In the same part of the other foot or corresponding part of the ipsilateral hand massage.

5, long accepted foot massage, foot pain is often slow. At this time, with the potion soak my feet and a half hours, pain sensitivity increases, obviously improve the treatment effect will be well.

6, some patients may appear after massage therapy chills, fever, fatigue, diarrhea and other systemic symptoms, or make the original symptoms worse, this is a normal reaction after massage, can continue to adhere to treatment, a few days after symptoms disappear naturally.

7 and when massage, should avoid bone protuberant, lest against periosteum, unnecessary pain.

8, on an empty stomach, or an hour after the meal, unfavorable for massage treatment.
Note: a foot massage is not more pain more care

People in a foot massage, because holding the idea of a “more pain more effective”, often only pay attention to the place of pain, foot massage gym often can see customers face was twisted with pain, sweating, still in their clinging to the towel back pain. In fact, when the foot massage blindly pursue “pain” feeling to the discovery of disease and treatment will do more harm than good. On the one hand, some chronic patients foot corresponding reaction area is not sensitive to stimuli, but possible nerve numbness. When a nerve numb, corresponding organs may have more serious illness, but the blind pursuit of pain tends to ignore numbness.

Only when a person, on the other hand, when the vital qi is sufficient to apply heavy and slow massage method (called catharsis), you should use light and fast method. Especially for the elderly, women and children, their own lack of strength, using diarrhea can aggravate the symptoms, physical weaker. Therefore, in the process of foot massage, by the if feel acid, swelling, pain, or frown, massage strength is enough.
Methods right

foot massage is a kind of enjoyment, but don’t take on too much. Especially weak patients, time is too long, if you accept the foot massage blood was transfer to other organs, dizzy by brain ischemia, and even feel sicker. So in general, it is suggested that 30 minutes to complete all reaction zone, massage your feet.